Classical Skype Piano Lessons

Taking classical piano lessons via Skype or FaceTime is a wonderful alternative to traditional piano lessons offered in person.

We did not have this remarkable chance prior to the tremendous advancement of technology in the twenty-first century, and it would be a tragedy not to take use of it now.

Many adults who want to learn to play the piano or enhance their skills have yet to take advantage of this chance, despite the fact that they use the power of new technology in many of their everyday activities.

Nowadays, the Internet is so advanced that taking piano lessons through Skype or Face Time is nearly identical to taking piano lessons in person.

Some piano enthusiasts still believe that a delay may occur when playing, however internet connections are so fast nowadays that it nearly never happens.

We are glad to say that The Online Piano Institute teaches a big number of adults from all over the world via Skype and Face Time, and we have only had a few issues.

Contrary to popular belief, taking courses over Skype or FaceTime is actually much more convenient for the reasons outlined below.

It’s a pity that the notion of having to travel to a piano academy to study properly persists in the minds of far too many piano aficionados.

Please view some very pertinent reasons why you should consider learning classical piano via Skype:

Learn piano via Skype with a master pianist

1. You can study with some of the most eminent piano instructors, wherever you are located around the world.

Taking lessons from a fantastic piano teacher is crucial if you want to make the progress you desire and interpret the pieces written by your favorite composers in the best way possible.

Classical music is intricate and necessitates the guidance of a professional pianist. Several aspects must be learnt and studied concurrently in order for you to become the well-rounded and excellent pianist you deserve to be.

Technique, sight-reading, interpretation, sound production, ear-training, theory, and knowledge of the piano repertoire will all benefit from the guidance of an extraordinarily skilled and very experienced classical piano teacher.

Finding a great piano teacher who specialises in classical music is not as simple as it may appear at first.

It is critical to study with a piano teacher who is not just a wonderful player but also a formidable teacher.

It is rather rare to encounter pianists that combine both skills properly, and we are proud to say that all of The London Piano Institute’s piano instructors are a wonderful example of this unique combination.

Your instructor must also understand how to approach and teach adults in an appropriate manner, as this is a different exercise than educating toddlers.
Once again, we are glad to work only with piano teachers that have an unrivaled understanding of adult piano enthusiasts who play for enjoyment and a genuine desire to help them develop their skills.

Man commuting

You do not need to commute when attending piano lessons via Skype

You do not need to commute

Taking classical piano lessons via Skype or Face Time with The Online Piano Institute has another amazing advantage.

You do not need to commute!

Commuting is widely regarded as a waste of time, and unless you are incredibly fortunate, you are likely to live at least 30 minutes to an hour away from a decent classical piano instructor. It’s even more likely that you live a few hours away from a fantastic piano academy that specialises in teaching adults.

Commuting is also well-known for being incredibly unpleasant and exhausting. You can then take a break and relax before beginning each of your piano lessons by taking your classical piano lessons over Skype or Face Time with The Online Piano Institute.

You will therefore be focused and in the correct frame of mind to listen to the advise given by your excellent piano teacher.

You must agree that it is a disgrace to attend an excellent piano lesson and be unable to concentrate owing to the tiredness and fatigue caused by your commute.

Warming up on the piano

Enjoy warming up prior to your piano lesson on Skype. It is just so much easier!

3. You have the opportunity to practise and warm up until the beginning of your piano lesson

Attending your piano lessons via Skype or Face Time is also much more beneficial for another reason: you are able to practise and warm up until the very last minute and therefore be totally ready when your piano lesson begins.

You would have worked and commuted before attending your classes if you took piano instruction in person.

Playing the classical piano needs such accuracy that showing up to your lesson unprepared results in a terrible performance at first.

Before going on stage, all world-class concert pianists must warm up. It is for this reason that backstage areas have been built. If they have to warm up till the very last second, how much more preparation do you need to make when your piano teacher is available for your piano lesson?

What a shame it is to execute poorly a piece that you have been working hard on in front of your instructor because your hands are chilly and unprepared!

Lady practicing piano

Playing the piano will bring you a lifetime of joy!

4. You have the immense chance to be able to put in practice what you have learned immediately after your lesson

The issue with attending in-person piano lessons is that you cannot practise immediately following your lesson because you must travel back to your office or house.

An excellent piano teacher will almost certainly use a notebook to detail your homework for the next lesson, but by the time you get home to practise, you will almost certainly have forgotten a certain hand position or wrist movement necessary to the development of your piano technique or the interpretation of a specific musical phrase.

Because you are still sitting at the piano when your piano lesson ends, you can repeat it to ensure that it is assimilated and thus not forgotten.

Beautiful Grand Piano

Enjoy learning on your OWN piano in the comfort of your private space!

5. You have the rare privilege to play on your own piano

One of the difficulties of being a classical pianist is having to adapt to a different piano for each performance. Because every keyboards and pianos are slightly different, this process is quite challenging!

Once again, it’s a pity to work hard on your own piano only to hear a completely different result when it’s time to demonstrate your progress to your instructor.

Because the mechanics differ, certain keys are more difficult to press than others, which can alter your overall feeling.

You would not have this problem if you took your piano lessons through Skype or Face Time with The Online Piano Institute while playing on your own instrument. You would, on the other hand, be able to produce all of the different tones required to beautifully interpret a classical piano piece from your very first performance.

You would therefore not need to apologise to your piano instructor because you first need to adapt to his piano first!

Learn the piano from everywhere on the planet

You can now learn the piano from anywhere on the planet!

5. Both your instructor and yourself have much bigger freedom of location

Another significant advantage of attending your piano lessons via Skype or Face Time is the freedom of movement and location that both your instructor and you can enjoy.

We have some students at The Online Piano Institute who often travel between two nations because they have another domicile in Portugal, Italy, India, Dubai, or other areas around the world.

Because of the mobility that long-distance piano lessons provide, you can attend your piano lessons wherever you are on the day of your weekly lessons.

You do not need to miss lessons that would result in slowing your progress down or have to re-arrange lessons and make it complex for your instructor or yourself.

As long as you have a piano (acoustic or digital), a computer, a good internet connection and a webcam, you can still attend your piano lessons as per usual!

Man learning to play classical piano

Learn to play the classical pieces you love to play!

6. You can study your favourite classical piano pieces in any location thanks to the huge progress of the technology

We have already informed you of the exceptional benefit of attending your piano lessons with The Online Piano Institute through Skype or FaceTime.

We would like to end by reinforcing your faith in the prospect of learning the piano or enhancing your skills using a computer, which you may not have fully yet.

As a result, we would like to emphasize that there is absolutely no disadvantage to learning via Skype or Face Time with The Online Piano Institute.

We have the most recent Mac computers, an exceptionally fast internet connection, and superb microphones and sound equipment on our side.

This installation allows all of our piano instructors to hear your performances and see all of your hand and finger motions in crystal clear detail.

We hope that after reading this article page on attending your piano lessons through Skype or Face Time with The Online Piano Institute, you have gained enough trust in the new technology to enjoy the enormous pleasure of studying your favorite classical piano pieces wherever you are in the globe.

There is no limit to the works you can study at The Online Piano Institute, just as there is no limit to your location.

All our piano instructors are so experienced and qualified that they can equally give you the best advice whatever composer you wish to study.

Some of our piano students prefer the Baroque period and study mostly pieces written by Bach. Some others prefer the classical period, which leads them to practise Beethoven, Haydn or Mozart. Others love the Romantic period and work pieces composed by Chopin, Liszt or Schumann, while others are interested in playing Modern composers such as Debussy, Ravel, Prokofiev, Schoenberg or even Stockhausen.

Whatever you needs and wishes, our unparalleled piano instructors will be delighted to help you become the fantastic pianist you deserve to be!

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