Learning how to play the piano via Facetime

At The London Piano Institute, we love teaching people how to play the piano.

We love teaching via Facetime and our students have a great experience when we teach via Facetime.

The sound quality and video quality of Facetime is simply amazing especially when you are connected to wired internet and you have a great Macintosh computer.

Online piano lessons from a distance is now the new way of learning how to play the piano!

Not everyone lives in London, New York, Dubai or Los Angeles where you can find a great piano instructor nearby.

Online FaceTime and Skype piano lessons are now becoming more and more popular as more and more people are discovering the convenience of studying in this manner.

You can now benefit from the same world-class quality piano instruction that adults in central London are benefitting from.

Enjoy the highest-quality piano instruction via FaceTime, benefit from the following:

  • Outstanding piano education specifically designed for adults to learn
  • Learn with world-class piano instructors who knows exactly how to teach and inspire adults
  • Make fast progress with methodologies designed for adult piano learning
  • Learn classical, jazz, blues, pop or rock piano
  • Become the pianist you have always wanted to be!
  • Learn from ANYWHERE in the world even if you are travelling!
  • If you ask, we can record your lesson and post a link where you can download the video (You can thus study your lesson again and again if required)

You can get started with a laptop, tablet or even a smart phone

There is no need for you to obtain ‘fancy’ equipment.

You can simply get started and learn the piano online with a laptop, table or even a smart phone with FaceTime. (You can of course also use Skype or even another online conferencing software – let us know!)

It is really very very easy!

In addition, you do not even need to turn on the webcam if you do not feel like being seen. (Perhaps you’ve got a bad hair day or your just not feeling like being seen!)

You are also far less likely to miss your FaceTime piano lesson than an in-person lesson.

For in-person lessons, you often have to commute and if you are really not feeling great, you will probably cancel the lesson.

With a FaceTime piano lesson you can attend even if you do not feel your best. (Once again you can request to learn without the webcam on! – or turn the phone towards the desk!)

So in a nutshell, learning via FaceTime is really easy and you can just ‘come as you are’.

No need for fancy equipment or expensive webcams.

You can now start your Facetime or Skype piano lesson from anywhere on this beautiful planet!

Contact us to book your first FaceTime piano appointment

Contact us to book your Skype appointment

Please click the image above to contact us via our contact form.

Alternatively, you can also write to our manager Stefan Joubert at enrol@londonpianoinstitute.co.uk to book your first FaceTime lesson.

Booking your first FaceTime piano lesson is very very easy.

Once you contact us, we will provide you with a list of time slots to choose from.

You can then select the time slot that suits you best, make your payment online via Paypal, Stripe or Square Up and then take your lesson at that specific time slot.

If you then want to join a regular FaceTime piano course we will then arrange your course for you and help you achieve your musical dreams!