Learn how to play the piano or improve your current skills via FaceTime

We have a passion for teaching adults from all walks of life and assisting them in achieving their pianistic goals, whether they are utter beginners or proficient amateur pianists. We are thrilled to be able to provide the greatest adult piano instruction to those who enjoy playing the piano and want to enhance their skills with top-notch piano teachers.

FaceTime, as an alternative to in-person lessons, is a terrific online tool that we believe may be used to take your piano lessons. FaceTime is such a marvelous piece of software that you may enjoy your piano lessons while forgetting that your piano teacher is thousands of miles away.

Online piano lessons from a distance is the future of adult piano education

The world is going online, and we don’t think we will ever go back to our old ways of life. Because of new technology, we can now accomplish so much more. We can now order anything online, from groceries to clothing, as well as book flights and concert tickets. We can witness the most exciting sporting events or attend fantastic performances without leaving our homes, so why couldn’t we benefit from superb piano lessons via FaceTime?

We have seen an increase in the popularity of online piano learning over the years, and we encourage all adult piano enthusiasts who want to learn or improve their piano playing to believe that it is absolutely possible to study the piano via FaceTime and that there is no difference between in-person lessons.

Enjoy the highest-quality piano instruction via FaceTime, benefit from the following:

  • Outstanding piano education provided by highly qualified and experienced piano teachers
  • Learn with world-class piano teachers who specialize in teaching adults
  • Make fast progress thanks to our result-oriented piano methodology
  • Learn classical, jazz or pop piano from the comfort of your home
  • Get a recording of your piano lessons and replay it as many times as you like

You can get started with a laptop, tablet or even a smart phone

There is no need to purchase any “fancy” equipment in order to attend and enjoy your Facetime piano lessons. All that is required is a device with a webcam, an acoustic or digital piano, and a good internet connection.

It is incredibly simple and anyone can learn it using FaceTime. You don’t have to be computer knowledgeable or spend a bunch on a costly webcam to enjoy your piano lessons.

Extra benefits of studying the piano via FaceTime

Taking piano lessons via FaceTime has various advantages and can sometimes be more advantageous than taking piano lessons in person. You do not need to commute; instead, you can warm up until your class begins, study the information as soon as your lesson concludes, and attend from anywhere in the world.

If you take piano lessons in person, you may miss some classes due to holidays or business trips, but with FaceTime, you may continue your piano education even if you move.

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