Do you want to learn the piano in a group setting online using Skype?

We are now offering online group Skype sessions for adult beginners at The Online Piano Institute.

In addition, for more advanced students, we offer online group seminars.

Group classes are very beneficial for absolute beginners, and they are an excellent method to learn how to play the piano!

In a group piano session, you can learn a lot from both your instructor and your other classmates!

You can also increase your listening, analytical, and teamwork skills!

Discover the pros of group Skype piano lessons below:

Pros of learning piano in a group format via Skype

  • In a group setting, you will develop your sense of rhythm and timing much faster. This is because you must demonstrate passages back in a group format. When you demonstrate, there is a lot more ‘positive’ pressure on you to play in time since people will listen. Furthermore, if lag is not an issue, you may be required to play a passage with another student online in real-time through Skype!
  • You will get knowledge from the other students in the class! It is just you and your instructor in a one-on-one setting. When you’re in a group, you get to see everyone’s accomplishments and disappointments. As a result, you learn from EVERYONE and pick up ideas and tricks from one another!
  • There is a greater emphasis on theory. We may get bogged down in a one-on-one session mostly on technique (which is vital), but in a group session, we have discovered that music theory becomes an integral element of each and every lesson!
  • You will really get to know your scales and chords. Scales and chords throughout the keys work amazing in a group format. You will get to know them inside-out!
  • During your group Skype piano lesson, you may also experience a healthy competition with your fellow colleagues. Others may inspire you to practise and improve your piano playing much more than in a standard one-to-one setting.
  • Although not limited to group Skype learning, recording the session allows you to study the content and learn from other members in the group over and over again!
  • Group piano lessons also enable a more creative learning environment. In a group setting, you will have more opportunity to explore with various musical ideas in a creative manner while also receiving feedback from everyone else!
  • You will experience a beautiful team spirit in a group Skype scenario. This can be quite beneficial if you reside in a remote geographical place and require the group’s camaraderie!

In conclusion, both group and one-to-one Skype lessons are valid forms of learning the piano.

Neither choice is superior than the other; they are simply different.

It completely depends on your personality and learning style!

Most university courses are offered in a group context, thus learning in a group setting is certainly doable.

Learning in a group setting will necessitate more self-discipline on your part. (You must complete the assigned work and are not permitted to ask as many questions as you would in a one-on-one scenario.)

One-on-one lessons are ideal if you want your piano instructor’s full attention at all times.

At The Online Piano Institute, we provide both alternatives via Skype and FaceTime.

The choice is yours!

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