Is it really possible?

Online piano lessons via Skype

Most people think that learning the piano has to take place with a piano instructor in a one-to-one environment in the same room.

Nothing can actually be further from the truth.

Of course one-to-one piano lessons is a very valid way of learning and there is obviously nothing wrong to learn the piano with your instructor in the same room.

The issue lies with the idea that learning via Skype or Facetime is not possible or less effective.

The real truth is that there are pros and cons to both options.

You can learn via Skype and there will be a set of pros and cons.

You can learn in person and again there will be a set of pros and cons. (Yes, learning in person is not all pros – one example is that you can generally not warm up and it is not easy to just record the lesson for future use)

Yes it is possible! – Discover reasons why it is possible to learn the piano via Skype or Facetime:

Online piano lessons

It is absolutely possible and we (the founders of the London Piano Institute) have personally taught many students very very successful via Skype from scratch to a very proficient level of playing the piano.

You can view our bio and experience here.

We have not discovered ANY difference between in-person lessons or Skype piano lessons.

Both options work well.

Not everyone has access to excellent piano instructors of a world-class calibre.

That is why we offer top-notch piano instruction for adults across the world via Skype or Facetime.

Technology and internet speeds are also improving on an annual basis, hence the whole online piano lesson experience will become smoother and smoother as time goes by!

Learn piano from anywhere in the world via Skype or Facetime

Reasons why it is possible and a valid method to learn the piano (just like in-person lessons):

  • Your instructor is there with you in REAL-TIME via Skype or Facetime. Yes, you will need a good internet connection, but not even a brilliant one! In addition, any missed time can always be made up if needed. (Due to connectivity issues, which is actually quite rare these days!)
  • Your instructor can show you in REAL-TIME via video streaming how to play a certain passage or phrase. If you study in person you will struggle to get the same view as you can get via Skype. It is actually EASIER to see which notes you need to play
  • You can record your piano lessons with software that you can add to Skype. An example of such software is Eaver. Of course one can also request to record your piano lesson in person, but this is not the norm so it usually does not happen. It is just SO much easier with Skype.
  • You can warm up properly prior to starting. If you attend your lessons in the winter, you may need to arrive with freezing hands and fingers prior to your standard one-to-one or group lesson. With Skype piano lessons you can warm up properly prior to starting your class.
  • You save time and money by not having to commute to your class. You can also continue with work or practice-related tasks DIRECTLY after the session has ended.
  • You will benefit from a very comfortable environment – your own. Sometimes in-person lessons can be stressful, but Skype lessons are usually more comfortable as you learn from home or your own piano studio! It is just easy!
  • You will not ‘catch a cold’ from your instructor or vice-versa. You are in your own private and comfortable space!
  • By studying via Skype you have the option to study with OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD piano instructors! Teachers who have years of teaching experience. You can now study DIRECTLY with the founders of The London Piano Institute. Find out more here. (It is definitely much better than studying with a mediocre instructor locally in person)
  • It is very very important to remember that an experienced teacher will definitely help you progress much much faster than a less experienced teacher. (You get what you pay and accept)
  • You will actually concentrate must MORE during a Skype piano lesson and your instructor will be more attentive to you during this time. This excellent online resource proves that Skype and online music lessons will help you learn better. Check it out here.
  • You do not need to bring sheet music and scores with you to your lesson.
  • Should you have extensive travelling due to your job (or for fun), you can always attend even whilst travelling. You do not even always need a piano or keyboard at hand. During sessions where no piano is available, you can learn more about music theory and how music actually works. (This is more important than you may think for your piano progress!)
  • You learn to listen more as you are more attentive with online Skype or Facetime piano lessons. This means you will develop a better ear whilst learning online!
  • You do not need expensive equipment!  A lot of our students even take their online piano lesson with a mobile telephone. (Obviously, a laptop is recommended!) The point is you do not need to invest in a lot of equipment. You can very easily connect and enjoy as well as progress during your online piano lesson!
  • You can practice the material directly after the lesson while it is still fresh in your mind. At a one-to-one lesson, the next student will arrive and you will probably have to commute back to a piano at least an hour away.
  • It is usually a little more convenient to schedule Skype piano lessons than in-person lessons. A Skype piano lesson can easily take place early morning or even a little late and it is generally easier to accommodate some changes. When studying in person, the room or piano studio is very much in demand and there is much less flexibility.
  • Sharing of files and screens: Your instructor can instantly send you a link to a book that you need to purchase or share a portion of a score with you with notes on it. If you do not have a certain piece of sheet music at your in-person lesson and a computer is not handy, you may not be able to download or view it.
  • It is possible to see different chords, techniques and scales from a different angle by moving the webcam or video camera. This can reveal extra ‘secrets’ of playing certain passages or chords and make learning a little easier!

Yes you can

In conclusion: learning the piano online is just like having a face-to-face lesson with an instructor in a room, you just have some extra added advantages!

It is a brave new world!

Things have changed a lot over the last two to three decades.

We are living in a global world!

It is time to embrace this beautiful world where you can now learn from ANYWHERE and you no longer have to only look for a piano teacher in your local area!

You can now learn with master teachers over the internet via Skype or Facetime in the comfort and convenience of your home.

You can enjoy the advantages of this amazing technology such as recording the lessons and studying it at a later stage. (Having your lesson twice or even three times over!)

Embrace this new world and try out a Skype piano lesson.

If you want to try an introductory Skype piano lesson to get started contact Stefan at with the subject line: “Introductory Skype Piano Lesson”.

Learn with some of the best instructors and make MASSIVE, LASTING progress in your piano journey!

Finally, become the pianist that you have always wanted to be!