Learn to play jazz piano via Skype

Learn and master jazz piano with master jazz piano educator Stefan Joubert via Skype.

It makes no difference where you are in the world these days.

With just a laptop and a piano or digital piano, you can now learn how to play jazz piano properly from anywhere!

Make significant progress in your weekly jazz Skype piano lessons and master the secrets of jazz improvisation as well as how to play over the timeless II V I progression!

5 Reasons why you should take jazz piano lessons via Skype with the Online Piano Institute

Online piano lessons

  1. We offer the best piano teachers who understand how to teach adults. Our piano teachers are experts in adult piano instruction. The jazz piano department is led by master jazz piano educator Stefan Joubert, who knows how to motivate students to make serious and long-term growth.
  2. Learning jazz via Skype offers you absolute freedom of location – you can now learn from anywhere using just a laptop!
  3. Lessons can be recorded and you can re-study each and every lesson again for maximum benefit – that is the beauty of using Skype for your jazz piano lessons.
  4. You can warm-up prior to the lessons. You can set your material up and warm up to be absolutely ready for your jazz piano lesson via Skype. In a traditional one-to-one setting, this is not always possible.
  5. You can now enjoy learning jazz piano from the comfort of your home and benefit from the expertise of top-notch jazz piano instruction via Skype.

Learn jazz via Skype

Learning jazz piano with us via Skype will help you learn so much faster!

It’s a fact that jazz piano is an arduous style to master.

It requires you to memorise a large number of chords, voicings, lines, scales, licks, arpeggios and the list goes on.

Learning such a difficult style necessitates a well-thought-out process.

Stefan Joubert, a master piano tutor, has created a jazz piano methodology that will help you quickly understand studying and performing jazz.

Learning jazz piano with us via Skype increases your chances of success in playing jazz and improvising on the keyboard significantly.

Trying to learn jazz piano on your own without the assistance of a professional is a challenging path to take!

It is far preferable to invest your time and really learn jazz over Skype with an amazing pianist!

Contact us to book your first jazz piano Skype appointment

Contact us to book your Skype appointment

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Alternatively, you can also write to us at contact@onlinepianoinstitute.com to book your first jazz Skype lesson.

Booking your first jazz Skype piano lesson is very very easy.

Once you contact us, we will provide you with a list of time slots to choose from.

You can then select the time slot that suits you best, make your payment online via Paypal, Stripe or Square Up and then take your lesson at that specific time slot.

If you then want to join a regular Skype jazz piano course we will then arrange your course for you and help you achieve your musical dreams!