April 28, 2022

About the Author: Sonja Joubert

Sonja Joubert is a master pianist classically trained by the late master Mr Josias Van Der Merwe and the late Adolph Hallis. She is also an excellent piano teacher with over 35 years of teaching experience, specialising in jazz and classical piano.

Online Piano Lessons Gift: Surprise your loved one with an exciting and lifetime gift experience

Gift an online piano lessons gift as a gift experience and give your loved one a gift that simply keeps on giving and giving! Yes, a gift for life!

Gift on the piano

Besides Christmas time, giving a gift to a loved one at any time or whatever the occasion is always a great blessing and received with much joy and thanks! However, finding a gift for a loved one is sometimes not the most straightforward project – trying to find just that perfect gift.

Why not do the extravagant thing and give a lasting gift with a lot of potential and good promises in it.

Why think of online zoom piano lessons? 

Maybe your loved one has always been hoping to play the piano but never had the opportunity to learn. Or have they just never thought of doing something special for themselves! This could be the time to bring them new adventures, new beginnings and developing skills that they probably didn’t know they could develop.

Many adults started piano training as a child but never carried on for various unfortunate reasons. How many times have I not heard the phrase: “I played the piano as a child but stopped, and today I regret it and would love to play again!”. 

Today, this dream can easily be fulfilled with online zoom piano lessons. But, unfortunately, many adults never think about taking up piano lessons again, as it is seen as part of a child’s training.

Wondering where the time went

Finding time for online piano lessons:

Often finding time for a lesson is problematic, mainly because having to go to a lesson means driving or using transport. Many do not have the energy or time for this. Online zoom piano lessons are an absolute winner and a great answer in this respect alone. 

Learning to play the piano can be a great joy and a great source of relaxation

Learning to play the piano gives people purpose and something to live for. But, of course, you need an uplifting and encouraging teacher for this process! 

I have had the opportunity of teaching many students and find that the piano lesson becomes a very special interaction with a  human being who needs encouragement.

Sometimes life can be pretty hard with unkind, harsh people all around, but the student doing online piano Lessons at OPI will find that this is a place (even in your own home) where you can relax and learn without pressure or judgment. As one student commented – I can relax and enjoy learning without stress and fear!

Man learning to play the piano online with a tablet

Being able to learn via online zoom lessons means that:

  • » You will be able to learn a lot more instruments or skills
  • » There is no driving or going to a place needed,
  • » You can learn in your own private space and on your own instrument.
  • » Lessons usually are weekly but can be easily arranged according to need.
  • » Even if a lesson is missed, the making up of a lesson is usually not such a major issue as when you miss a class you had to attend physically.

“Learning to play the piano via online zoom piano is better than paying for a psychiatrist.”

A student recently commented how much rather they would pay for online lessons than for a psychiatrist! 

Some students also commented on the positive effects and feelings of well-being after having a class, which can not be compared to other treatments. One student mentioned that being a hyperactive person, having online lessons in various instruments immensely helped him/her with the use of their energy. Piano lessons brought purpose, vision and excitement and filled those many hours of boredom. It gave him/her lots of purpose-filled work to practise and internalize. 

Lady teaching piano to her friend

Being comfortable with online zoom lessons and your teacher

The greatest advantage of online piano lessons is that you do not have to move out of your own comfort zone. For many people, this is really important, as they would not have thought of going for in-person piano lessons ever. Now they can try it out and decide whether they love it or not. 

With online lessons, the student can be less formal and have lessons free from the drama of being on time and being smartly dressed as one would do for a piano lesson you have to attend.  

An important factor for any student is to feel comfortable with the teacher. In online lessons, you can much easier decide whether you like the teacher or not and can easily change to another teacher without much hassle. With lessons at a music school where you physically have to attend, it is much harder for students to speak up if they feel uncomfortable with their teacher.    

What do you need for an online lesson?

The new student only needs an instrument, a smartphone or laptop, and the internet for zoom piano lessons! Lessons can even continue when travelling! Of Course, it means your keyboard or digital piano has to travel with you, or you have to use someone else’s keyboard with your own laptop or smartphone. Lessons can this way still be continued if the student so desires. 

Learning piano online via zoom

Online zoom piano lessons give life and purpose! 

I think the most incredible plus of online lessons is the surprise of having an opportunity to grow oneself in something that never occurred to you to be possible – something you never planned for. 

The online piano lessons gift might just be the thing to help you or your loved one relax and enjoy something new!

Develop an area in your life that might never have been explored, or might have been lurking under years of dust! 

Now it’s the time to try it out and experience the joy of learning piano via online zoom

No hassle, no stress, no fear, no rush, no dressing up, no grabbing for your music sheets, no dashing out into the car or waiting for transport to make it on time to a lesson!

It is worth it and great joy!

Do not delay!

Use this opportunity to grow and be happy and at peace – both musically and mentally!

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