If you have always wanted to play rock songs on the piano, such as Africa by Toto, Piano Man by Billy Joel, Bohemian Rhapsody by Freddie Mercury, or your favorite Coldplay songs, you should definitely think about taking a Skype piano course with The Online Piano Institute.

The Online Piano Institute has been founded by master pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert. (The Online Piano Institute was born from The London Piano Institute to offer excellent piano education across the globe)

Thanks to the power of video conferencing technology, we can now give unequalled piano lessons to all rock aficionados everywhere in the world, thanks to its instant and great popularity in London.

At The Online Piano Institute, we are overjoyed to be able to provide the enormous luxury that Londoners enjoy to all individuals living in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, or Australia.

Skype or FaceTime piano lessons are truly incredible since they provide unique benefits that you would not be able to obtain if you attended your piano lessons in person.

In addition, Rock piano lessons are so much fun that it would be a shame to miss world-class rock piano instruction due to a location issue!
Skype piano lesson

Your rock piano lessons via Skype or FaceTime.

At The Online Piano Institute, the rock piano lessons via Skype or Face Time take place in the exact same manner as the lessons provided in person.

Your piano lessons are scheduled weekly on a set day and time. There is no need to worry about time zone, as we will obviously take it into consideration while scheduling your lessons and always make sure that they take place at a convenient time for you.

The only material you need is a piano (acoustic or digital) and a computer, tablet or even smartphone.

Your instructor will be equipped with the most powerful Mac computers, the finest cameras and sound systems, and a high-speed internet connection.

We are teaching rock piano to numerous adults around the world and we rarely experience issues with poor sound quality or delays. (When an issue occurs it is very easy to add time to a future lesson, but this is rare!)


The content of your rock Skype piano lessons

Playing rock and contemporary piano requires some specific skills such as knowing how to play rock and roll riffs, using the blues and pentatonic scales which you will need to learn to improvise and some unique sound effects as used by Genesis.

At The Online Piano Institute, we always ensure that all our rock or contemporary piano lessons are well-balanced for you to benefit from a solid education while enjoying the process very much at the same time!

Stefan Joubert teaching via Skype

Your rock piano instructor

Being a superb rock piano instructor necessitates a distinct set of talents, which all of our piano instructors possess and have honed to the highest level of proficiency.

It is for this reason that the physical distance should not prevent you from benefiting from their exceptional training, which would be difficult to obtain from a local piano instructor. (This is especially true if you live in a small town or rural area.)

We are glad to say that we always choose our instructors with great care in order to provide you with the finest education possible.

They are all highly qualified and experienced in adult education, so you will never feel judged or patronised.

On the contrary, they are all really friendly and eager to assist you in achieving your highest goals!

Imagine how great it will feel to be able to perform Bohemian Rhapsody like Freddie Mercury and astonish your peers!

Man commuting in India

No time wasted commuting

Do you realise the immense chance you will have to study with some of the most eminent contemporary piano instructors without having to commute? It is unheard of!

Thanks to your rock piano lessons taking place via Skype or FaceTime with The Online Piano Institute, you can now relax in your own residence and attend your lessons without being stressed out and tired due to a long commute to reach your instructor.

On the contrary, your expert instructor comes directly to you via your computer screen!

Rock pianist playing on a keyboard

You can warm-up and practise until the very beginning of your rock Skype piano lesson

Another amazing advantage of attending your rock piano lessons via Skype or FaceTime is the amazing privilege to be able to warm up until the very beginning of your lesson.

You can then always be prepared with warm hands and fingers, ready to show your instructor what you have been working on all week.

It would be a real shame to miss all your rock & roll riffs due to cold and stiff hands!


The Online Piano Institute offers the highest quality online rock piano lessons for adults

At The Online Piano Institute, we are delighted to be able to offer you such a high quality of rock piano lessons via Skype or FaceTime even if you live on the other side of the world.

Why would our remarkable knowledge of rock piano music and unprecedented understanding of adult amateur pianists be only available to Londoners or New Yorkers?

You should definitely be able to benefit from it too if you are passionate about contemporary piano music.

We welcome adults from all musical ability, and we offer various courses suitable to absolute beginners without any prior musical knowledge, intermediate pianists and advanced amateur rock piano players.

Rock piano lovers from all walks of life are invited to study at The Online Piano Institute.

Our piano students all have a different occupation as we count several lawyers, bankers, journalists, writers, IT managers, programmers, traders, doctors engineers and even TV producers among our wonderful pupils.

They are all doing extremely well and find it very relaxing to play the piano at lunchtime or after a long day at work.

Another very good reason to join is the fact that we always teach the correct technique and musical foundations from your first lesson.

Basically, as an adult learner, your playing is in very very good hands with us!

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