The excitement of learning to play the piano via Skype

We live in an exciting world where local has become global and we are proud at The Online Piano Institute to be able to offer excellent Skype piano courses to all adult piano enthusiasts, whether they are absolute beginners or proficient amateur pianists.

We believe that piano can be learned and studied from anywhere in the world, and that the internet has advanced sufficiently for you to enjoy excellent piano lessons via Skype.

Whether you live in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, or Australia, you can take highly educational and enjoyable piano lessons from renowned teachers.

The Online Piano Institute places a premium on quality, and we always ensure that our Skype piano lessons are of the highest caliber. We want all of our piano students to have a great time learning and to make great progress on a regular basis.

We tailor our piano lessons to our students’ needs and current level of ability. We believe that each piano student is unique and, as such, requires individual attention.

Whether you’ve never played the piano before, are an intermediate player, or an advanced amateur pianist, you’ll be in good hands and learn techniques used by world-class pianists.

Our mission is to help you become the brilliant pianist you’ve always wanted to be. We are delighted to accompany you on your piano journey and will always be available to assist you.

Our Skype piano lessons take place on a set day and time each week to provide you with the structure you need to progress. You are also welcome to begin your Skype piano course at any time of year. They are available in a variety of styles, including classical, pop, blues, rock, and jazz, to suit your preferences.

You can learn a large variety of piano styles with us online

The great thing about learning the piano with us via Skype is that you can learn in the style you prefer!

We offer online classical, jazz, blues, pop, and rock piano lessons via Skype.

You can select from the following styles and courses:

You can choose to study with us in a one-to-one or group setting

Learn to play the music that you love in a format that suits you well.

You can choose between any of the following formats:

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