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Stefan Joubert is the manager of Online Piano Institute and The London Piano Institute. He is passionate about world-class piano education and learning via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Back to basics with your piano playing!


As an intermediate or advanced piano player, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of exploring new repertoire and techniques. However, it's essential to remember that a strong foundation in the basics is crucial for continued growth and improvement. In this article, we'll explore the importance of going back to basics in piano study, even if you're already an accomplished pianist. Why go back to basics? When you're already proficient in reading sheet music, understanding music theory, and executing complex finger exercises, it's natural to assume that you've mastered the basics. However, the truth is that even the most [...]

Back to basics with your piano playing!2024-06-06T09:05:46+01:00

The best keyboards for starting piano lessons


Learning to play the piano is an exciting journey, and choosing the right keyboard can significantly influence how quickly you progress as a beginner. Piano lessons can serve as personal fulfilment or a way to help your child embark on their musical journey, making it crucial to select the most appropriate piano. Before diving into the list of recommended keyboards, let's first discuss some important information about keyboards. Should you choose weighted or unweighted keyboards? When it comes to keyboards, one of the primary distinctions is between weighted and unweighted keys. Weighted Keyboards: These keyboards simulate the feel of an acoustic [...]

The best keyboards for starting piano lessons2024-05-08T16:09:35+01:00

How do I level up my piano playing?


The journey of mastering piano playing is both exhilarating and challenging. Whether you're tapping the keys for the first time or melodies effortlessly flow from your fingertips, there's always room for growth and improvement. But how can you take your piano playing to new heights of musicality and technique? Here are the tips and insights to help you amplify your piano-playing journey. Levelling up your piano playing involves more than increasing your practice time. It requires a strategic approach that enhances the quality of your learning experience and maximises the efficiency of your practice sessions. Here's how: Embrace personalised learning Each [...]

How do I level up my piano playing?2024-04-22T18:44:06+01:00

Jazz piano lessons via Zoom for adults


Throughout my years of teaching adults the piano, I have developed a unique methodology for adult piano learning and adult piano consumption that is specifically designed for adults to learn jazz in the shortest amount of time possible. During my jazz Zoom piano classes, one of the things I do is help adults learn all 12 keys of the major scale. One of the first exercises that we do together is to play throughout the cycle of 4th in the key and this cycle is called the I-IV- VII-III- VI- II- V-I progression. We will typically take this progression in the [...]

Jazz piano lessons via Zoom for adults2021-09-27T18:36:09+01:00

All adults can learn piano at The Online Piano Institute


The Online Piano Institute is an online piano academy for adults who either want to learn from scratch or improve their skills on Zoom with highly qualified and experienced piano teachers who have a genuine passion for teaching. It is truly open to all adults from absolute beginners who have no previous music experience to those who are already proficient amateur pianists. I have titled this article “All adults can learn piano at The Online Piano Institute” as I would like to emphasis on the words ‘all adults’. People talk a lot and tend to make their opinion an absolute truth [...]

All adults can learn piano at The Online Piano Institute2021-09-23T09:23:51+01:00

Can anyone learn how to play the piano or do I need at least some special talent?


To the question “What do you do?”, I always answer “I am a pianist, master piano instructor and founder of several music schools for adults around the world”. The comment that follows is always: “Oh, I wish I could play the piano, but I don’t have a musical ear. My sister/aunt/cousin is very good at it, but it is not for me. I do not have any talent for music.” Touched By the Gods: The Divine Talent There seems to be a myth around piano playing, a belief that one needs to be touched by the gods or born with a [...]

Can anyone learn how to play the piano or do I need at least some special talent?2021-09-17T06:33:26+01:00

Can I Use YouTube to Learn Music?


We all know YouTube as it is a fantastic online platform on which we can watch videos about basically everything, ranging from tips on how to fix your printer to full documentaries about the second world war. It is undoubtedly an incredibly useful and amazing tool to gather information and watch programs on various topics. However, like everything else, it has its faults and qualities. If you watch videos recorded by renowned professionals in any field, it is quite exceptional to have access to thousands of quality content that will help you improve your knowledge and discover more about the things [...]

Can I Use YouTube to Learn Music?2021-03-18T19:09:13+00:00

Online piano lessons for adults


Learning anything these days, be it a skill or just to get information on a particular topic, the first instinct for most of us is to search for it online. From painting to beauty to technical software development courses, the internet has vast knowledge and resources available at our fingertips. Whether you are exploring new ideas or enriching existing knowledge, our first stop is to Google for it online. Music is no exception. You can learn to play instruments like the piano, guitar, drums, flute online from the comfort of your home, without having to go physically to a teacher. Learning [...]

Online piano lessons for adults2020-10-13T09:20:46+01:00

Why you don’t need any experience to start your piano lessons online


Nowadays, when we want to learn something new, the first thing we do is go online to search for the possibilities. There are hundreds and even thousands of resources out there available at a click. People learn languages, cooking and many other skills like playing instruments: flute, guitar, drums, and piano. All that, online and with no teacher physically present to instruct them. With countless technological gadgets available, online lessons have become highly popular, especially after the COVID-19 situation in which we all had to stay at home and abandon our classes at institutes and schools. With this new modality, [...]

Why you don’t need any experience to start your piano lessons online2020-09-29T18:11:19+01:00


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