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How do I level up my piano playing?


The journey of mastering piano playing is both exhilarating and challenging. Whether you're tapping the keys for the first time or melodies effortlessly flow from your fingertips, there's always room for growth and improvement. But how can you take your piano playing to new heights of musicality and technique? Here are the tips and insights to help you amplify your piano-playing journey. Levelling up your piano playing involves more than increasing your practice time. It requires a strategic approach that enhances the quality of your learning experience and maximises the efficiency of your practice sessions. Here's how: Embrace personalised learning Each [...]

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Improving your piano technique online with a metronome


Is it possible to learn, practice and develop piano technique via online lessons? Do I need to see my teacher physically, or is watching it online enough?   The answer is relatively easy, seeing that so many today learn how to do specific technical skills by watching videos on youtube. The issue is more about having an excellent, dependable online teacher. Let us consider face-to-face lessons. Here the student is taught in person as also in your online lesson. Both students are watching and listening to what the teacher explains, except it is possible to physically touch the teacher and observe from [...]

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