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The best keyboards for starting piano lessons


Learning to play the piano is an exciting journey, and choosing the right keyboard can significantly influence how quickly you progress as a beginner. Piano lessons can serve as personal fulfilment or a way to help your child embark on their musical journey, making it crucial to select the most appropriate piano. Before diving into the list of recommended keyboards, let's first discuss some important information about keyboards. Should you choose weighted or unweighted keyboards? When it comes to keyboards, one of the primary distinctions is between weighted and unweighted keys. Weighted Keyboards: These keyboards simulate the feel of an acoustic [...]

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How do I level up my piano playing?


The journey of mastering piano playing is both exhilarating and challenging. Whether you're tapping the keys for the first time or melodies effortlessly flow from your fingertips, there's always room for growth and improvement. But how can you take your piano playing to new heights of musicality and technique? Here are the tips and insights to help you amplify your piano-playing journey. Levelling up your piano playing involves more than increasing your practice time. It requires a strategic approach that enhances the quality of your learning experience and maximises the efficiency of your practice sessions. Here's how: Embrace personalised learning Each [...]

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The great importance of actively listening to piano music


The most undervalued pastime for piano students and musicians is to listen actively to music created on the piano. It might sound like an overstatement, but because ear training on your instrument isn't given the high priority it should be, pianists often forego the essential skill of listening to music. Yes, listening is a skill that you need to develop and nurture! That doesn't mean listening only to the pieces you are interested in playing or that you may appreciate, but all piano music, even those you might not take an initial fancy to. Why? For the very same reason that [...]

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