April 13, 2020

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert is the manager of Online Piano Institute and The London Piano Institute. He is passionate about world-class piano education and learning via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Reason #1 – You can learn the piano via Skype with a master pianist from anywhere on the planet!

Anywhere on the planet


Never before has learning the piano from an excellent piano online instructor been this easy and convenient.

You can now benefit from outstanding quality piano instruction from anywhere on the globe.

You can now learn with a master piano instructor regardless of your physical location.

You no longer have to settle for potentially less-than-adequate piano lessons from your local piano instructor.

You can now learn and master the piano online with an outstanding pianist from anywhere in the world.

Our own master piano instructor, Celine Gaurier-Joubert is an absolute master when it comes to teaching adults how to play the piano.

Adults can now enjoy top-notch piano instruction right from the comfort of their living room with master piano coach Celine Gaurier-Joubert or someone in her formidable team!

Celine offers the highest quality piano lessons in the world for adults, and she is renowned as the pianist who coach adults how to play the piano. (Online and in London)

Her breadth of experience is unparalleled when it comes to teaching amateur adult piano lovers!

She loves teaching amateur pianists and she has great advice for everyone including those who have just started out.

Celine loves working with serious students who want to make excellent progress on the piano.  She also has an amazing team with her in London who can help you learn classical, jazz, blues, rock and popular piano styles online!

So, if you are living or working in Hong Kong, Singapore, Johannesburg, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cape Town, Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Lagos, Paris, Manhattan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Rio De Janeiro, Bangkok, Shanghai, Berlin, Montreal, Tokyo, Melbourne, Munich, Vienna, Geneva, Zurich, Mumbai, Karachi you can now benefit from the best quality piano instruction on the planet for adults right from the comfort of your living room with an expert piano instructor.

One of the main reasons why you should consider learning the piano via Skype or FaceTime, is the fact that you don’t have to settle for a local teacher who may not have the skills required to take you to the next level!

There may be plenty of teachers available locally in cities such as Manhattan or London, but perhaps in your local geographical area you may not have someone who is of a world-class standard, and who specialise in adult piano education.

That is why we offer high-quality Skype piano lessons online to help you achieve your goals!

Enjoy world-class piano instruction of the highest quality right from the comfort of your own piano in your living room or practice studio and learn and master the piano with a master piano instructor.

Reason #2 – Learning the piano via Skype will save you time and money!

Save time

Your time is worth a lot and should not be wasted!

In today’s society, time is money and wasting time is an issue for busy professionals who are in high demand.

Skype piano lessons offer you the advantage of not having to lose your precious time.

No longer do you have to suffer from bad quality piano tuition and commute for 65 minutes from your office to get ‘so-so tuition’ with teachers who are generally less inadequate.

You can now study directly from the comfort of your own living room with an excellent instructor who cares about your progress and who will guide you to learn how to play this beautiful instrument called the piano.

The piano is an instrument that’s been around for centuries and learning via long-distance was the standard way of learning during the time of Mozart.

In the 1700s, travelling far distances was not always possible and certainly not easy!

Music students back then often received their education by correspondence.

So the idea of correspondence piano lessons and long-distance (home-study) lessons is actually a very old concept and it is a very famous concept.

Therefore, you can now benefit from the same quality that they have received by studying with amazing piano instructors that have been hand-picked by the London Piano Institute.

You can of course, also request to study directly with a master piano instructor Celine Gaurier-Joubert via Skype.

To get back to this point, you will save tremendously on travel time, which means you’ll have more time to focus on the important tasks such as getting that urgent business meeting done and getting things sorted that needs sorting.

You do not need to waste your time travelling and being caught in traffic any longer when taking your piano lessons.

It is truly amazing!

We have such powerful learning options (such as Skype piano lessons) at our disposal in the 21st Century!

Of course, we also offer lessons via FaceTime or other modern video conferencing facilities as Skype may not be everyone’s favourite choice.

Saving time means that you will also have more time and energy to spend with your favourite musical instrument.

As you dedicate more time, you will reach your goals faster and become the pianist you have always wanted to become!

Reason #3 – Learning via Skype offers you the opportunity to learn in the comfort of your own living room or private piano practice studio!

Piano in your living room

Enjoy world-class Skype piano lessons on your own piano with one of The London Piano Institute’s world-class piano instructors!

There is nothing as satisfying as being able to play the music that you love on your own piano.

Your own piano means a lot to you, and it is much easier to learn complex concepts on your own piano.

You know your own piano inside out and you are very familiar with your piano!

You get the convenience of learning right in your living room and that’s great because you do not need to leave the comfort of your own home.

It so much easier if you want to prepare a cup of coffee or tea prior to your piano lesson, or if you need to be at home during your piano lesson for an important reason such as signing for a very important package!

It makes your life a thousand times easier and it makes learning the piano an absolute joy and pleasure!

If you enjoy learning the piano, then you will be inspired to reach much greater heights during your piano education.

The modern world makes our lives so much easier!

Reason #4 – Learning via Skype offers you the opportunity to warm-up BEFORE your piano lesson

Warming up

When taking a traditional piano lesson, you do not have any time to get your fingers warm before the lesson.

You often have to come straight out of the cold and start to play the piano.

This can, of course, be a hindrance to your performance, as you generally need to warm-up to get the blood flowing and to get ready to perform your pieces for your instructor.

When learning how to play the piano via Skype, you can always spend several minutes prior to the start of the lesson to warm up.

You can truly be prepared for your Skype piano lesson.

When your teacher calls you via Skype or FaceTime, you have practised a little bit and you are ready for your Skype or FaceTime piano lesson.

Remember the five Ps – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance! – that is a very very important phrase to remember!

Therefore, when you do a warm-up, you obey the principle of proper preparation that prevents poor performance.

You will be more ready than ever for your lesson.

That is a massive advantage that you do not have in a standard traditional piano lesson.

It is amazing how many advantages Skype offers!

It’s an amazing way to learn and although many people have objections against learning via Skype, the individuals who have objections have actually never really tried learning via Skype, or they tried once (with pre-conceived ideas) and at the first technological glitch, just simply deemed it as not being worth learning on.

The great news is that at the London Piano Institute, we have successfully taught many students via Skype!

We have students in many countries across the globe who is now studying with us via Skype and enjoying world-class piano instruction from central London with extremely high and proficient music instructors who genuinely cares for their musical and piano development.

So it is therefore vital that you take all these advantages into consideration when deciding whether to study with a local piano instructor (who may not be suitable for your learning style) or with a world-class pianist via Skype.

Should you study with Celine Gaurier-Joubert, you will learn the piano with arguably the best adult piano instructor for adults on the planet.

She dedicates her time and passion to helping adults learn.

She is an expert at teaching, inspiring and motivating her students!

The choice is in your hands, but of course, we could argue that there is no choice at all because you deserve the best and in order for you to have the best, you have to study with the best.

So it’s important to get past technophobic ideas, and be willing to learn via the medium of Skype or an online piano lesson facility!

That’s far better than going the traditional route where you look for the nearest local piano teacher. (Who once again may not be suitable for your learning style!)

So make sure that you make the right choice today, and select Skype piano lessons with the London Piano Institute as your choice of study.

It is amazing that a lot of our London-based students choose to study via Skype due to the amazing convenience that Skype piano lessons offer.

Skype piano lessons are the best piano learning option bar none!

Reason #5 – Learning the piano via Skype is actually a more “EFFECTIVE” way of learning than traditional in-person piano lessons

Chess piece

Traditional piano lessons are wonderful however, studies have confirmed that Skype piano lessons offer a far greater return on your time than only traditional piano instruction.

It’s a proven fact and studies have confirmed, that learning the piano via Skype offers you a better learning environment than in-person one-to-one lessons for a number of reasons.

Learning the piano via Skype will ensure that your piano education benefits from a myriad of advantages.

This is due to the nature of online Skype piano lessons.

Firstly, your instructor will not waste precious time talking to you during your Skype piano lessons.

During most in-person piano lessons, your instructor will often speak to you about various subjects in your life and in piano playing.

You will most probably reciprocate and also speak about your day and how things have been going.

Some conversation is actually very good for you and a normal part of a standard in-person lesson.

It is, however, a proven fact (that has been proven scientifically), that both you and your instructor will be less-inclined to casual conversation and focus more on the actual piano lesson.

You will therefore definitely benefit more during each Skype session. (This will really add up over time!)

This, however, will not stop the vast majority from pursuing traditional lessons, which is absolutely fine!

It is important to note, that if you live in a place where you cannot find a great ‘suitable’ local piano instructor, then it will be far better for you to study with someone via Skype. (You can always ask us for an initial Skype introductory lesson – get in touch here)

You will be amazed at the progress that you will make with us over time!

You will be amazed at just what you can achieve.

Yes, you will be amazed at how quickly you learn and how fast you improve via Skype.

In fact, we would be flabbergasted, if you were not surprised by what you can achieve with our excellent Skype piano lessons in a short period of time!

If we take into consideration the fact that you can record your piano lessons, warm-up before playing and enjoy lessons that are more focused and purposeful, then we have to boldly state that Skype piano lessons are definitely the best learning method for your piano progress! (Especially if you do not have a suitable instructor nearby! – one who specialises in adults!)

Remember, you do not need any prior experience.

Come as you are.

As a total beginner, intermediate or advanced player.

You are very welcome – join us online and learn via Skype.

Contact us here.


Reason #6 – Learning via Skype takes technology forward and makes the world a better place!

Change the world

When you participate in an online Skype piano lesson, you are part of those who (indirectly) take technology forward and enable those in other less-well-to-do countries to be able to also learn arts and music from a distance.

There are a lot of countries and places where individuals do not have great access to education, but by participating in an online lesson, you are indirectly participating in the improvement of technology, which will eventually open avenues for people in poorer countries to be able to learn arts, mathematics, science and a whole host of other disciplines.

There have already been talks about loading an entire school’s syllabus on tablets and shipping them off to poorer countries to help individuals learn and improve their education system!

By participating in an online lesson, you are joining those who ACTIVELY improve technology.

The more demand there is for online lessons, the more serious companies will start to take the learning of a language, of the learning of music, of the learning of arts via the medium of an online facility such as Skype, or Facetime, or Google Hangout or any of those mediums.

So by participating in an online Skype piano lesson, you are taking the world forward.

That’s another reason why you can be proud to sign up for Skype piano lessons and enjoy top-notch Skype piano instruction.

It is very important to realise that we always make sure that you get the best quality lessons and we never compromise on quality.

We make sure that you are in good hands and we make sure that you learn the correct techniques.

It is vital to know that although the traditional way of learning the piano via a local teacher may have been the only option of the past, these days, the leap and the miracle of technology enables you to be able to learn from a distance.

So now you can learn the correct techniques from day one!

Before this wonderful technology was available, you would have to go to a local teacher and risk learning incorrect techniques and picking up bad habits.

You can now benefit from top-notch, top-quality piano instruction with outstanding piano instructors who genuinely care for your piano health and your piano habits and technique.

By taking technology forward – together we can eventually create a poverty-free world where everyone can learn and the world will become a better place!

Reason #7 – Learning via Skype means you now never have to miss a piano lesson again

Play piano

Yet another reason why you should seriously consider taking piano lessons via Skype.

You now never have to miss a piano lesson again as you can have your lessons even on business or on holiday.

The greatest thing about learning the piano via Skype is that you can always have a piano lesson whenever you have a good quality internet connection and a laptop handy.

Now, you may object and tell me that you don’t always have your piano with you.

Well, your piano instructor should also mentor you in the art of theoretical concepts of playing the piano and theoretical concepts of music.

Therefore, not having a piano is not an excuse for missing your lesson.

Great instructors do not always have the time to be able to reschedule your lesson (when you miss) and therefore, you do not need to lose your lesson, but rather attend your piano lesson and enjoy your lesson from anywhere in the world.

So even when you’re on holiday, you do not need to miss out on your top-notch piano instruction from the London Piano Institute!

So make sure that you go for it and you learn the art of piano today with outstanding piano instructors in London.

Choose Skype piano lessons and be part of those who go forward regardless of where you are in terms of physical location.

So even if you’re on holiday, let’s say you’re at the Bahamas in a nice quality holiday and you’re enjoying it, because the piano is most probably a big pleasure for you, what is nicer than looking forward to having a nice theoretical lesson on the concepts of the harmonic minor scale and how it relates to the major scale.

That’s the greatest thing about learning via online video conferencing.

You can benefit tremendously wherever you are even on holiday, even on a business trip.

Yes, as WIFI is now becoming more and more available on aeroplanes, you can even take your Skype piano lesson during your flight.

Never in the history of the world that we have so much opportunity to take piano lessons across the entire world and across the entire region of the world.

So it’s just amazing that in this modern age, we can now even take piano lessons on a plane.

Once again, maybe you don’t have a piano with you, but you can work on theoretical concepts, you can work on the relative minor, you can work on why do we choose the key of Gb over the key of F# – (hint has got to do with the secondary dominants).

So make sure that you enjoy your piano lessons and you select the best piano lessons specifically designed for adults.

Make sure you select Skype piano lessons with the London Piano Institute in order never to miss a piano lesson again.

The best students take weekly piano lessons – EACH and EVERY week… no compromise…

You can finally join those who excel in their piano instruction – from ANYWHERE on the globe!

Reason #8 – Learning via Skype will drastically increase your popularity!

Become popular performing the piano

You will increase your popularity once your friends find out that you’ve learned to play the piano without being in the same room as your instructor.

Increasing your popularity is probably not the primary reason why you’re learning to play the piano, but it is certainly an added benefit.

Let me take you on a small journey inside of your mind’s eye:

Imagine being at the latest cocktail party and there’s a beautiful concert, Steinway, in the room.

You then proceed to tinkle the ivories…

The most beautiful sounds come out of the instrument as you lovingly perform “Für Elise” by Beethoven.

The room becomes quiet as everyone is mesmerised with your playing!

At the end of the performance, you receive a roaring applause.

Your friends ask you, “When did you start learning the piano?”

You’ll explain you’ve only been playing for three months and they ask, “Have you been studying with an instructor?”

You reply: “Yes, I have been studying with an instructor, but he’s not even in the same room as I.”

Your friends then ask you, “How did you learn how to play the piano like that?” You tell them, “I’ve learned on the internet.”

And they ask you, “Do you study in an online course?”

And you say to them, “No, I learn DIRECTLY with my instructor online.”

And they ask you if have actually met your instructor.

You say, “Well, of course, I have met my instructor, but we have never actually met in person.”

And they ask, “How on earth do you that?”

And you explain that you learn via a video conferencing medium.

They then proceed to ask you several questions, but most of all they are impressed with the fact that you’ve learned how to play the piano magnificently… ONLINE.

They proceed to get you a “shaken-not-stirred” martini to celebrate your piano victory!

They proceed to praise you and say to you that you are a genius as you’ve learned the piano online with a world-class instructor from Central London whilst living in Yellowknife…

Your friends then proceed to join you in this amazing adventure of learning how to play the piano via Skype. (They also want to become popular and successful!)

So increase your popularity tremendously and be part of piano lovers who take technology forward!

Who knows… soon someone will also buy you a cocktail when you proceed to tickle the ivories at your next social event!

Reason #9 – Learning via Skype offers you and your instructor the immense advantage of having two pianos at all times.

Learn with two pianos at the same time

Having two pianos available at the same time is a MASSIVE advantage!

Your instructor can now demonstrate certain passages from a certain angle that you would never be able to see in a traditional piano lesson.

You can then immediately try the same passage on your own piano.

This is an amazing advantage!

During your lessons, there are often times when your teacher needs to demonstrate certain things to you.

You would need to stand up and your instructor will then take his or her place at the piano to demonstrate the passage of music to you for your benefit.

In a traditional piano lesson setting, this wastes a tremendous amount of precious time.

As we have discussed before, your time is valuable and therefore you cannot afford to waste your time at any moment.

During your Skype piano lessons, your piano instructor will be able to demonstrate important things on the piano without you having to stand up from the piano stool.

So let’s say your piano instructor demonstrates the F# harmonic minor scale.

You can then copy him or her directly!

In a traditional piano lesson, your piano instructor would usually play the scale in the upper or low part of the piano (from a side angle), which doesn’t always make it easy for you to visualise!

You do not have this problem when learning via Skype.

Also, if you take into account the fact that you’ll be able to playback the recording at a later stage should you choose the recording option, this makes it even more valuable because you’ll be able to even pause the tape and be able to check again and again what your instructor has demonstrated.

This makes your  piano lessons extremely valuable!y!

You simply cannot dream of enjoying the same possibilities in a one-to-one traditional piano lesson setting.

Traditional (in-person) piano lessons are not bad in itself.

It has some advantages…

It is, however, far better to learn via Skype for all the reasons mentioned in the article so far!

You also do not have to suffer from less-than-optimum piano instruction local to you… (You are now LOCATION-free and have a tremendous amount of choice when it comes to selecting your instructor)

Again, for your benefit, here’s a list of the advantages of learning the piano via Skype:

• You do not waste any time
• You save on travel time (no more having to bear the rush-hour traffic…)
• It’s scientifically a more “serious” medium suitable for learning purposes
• You always have two pianos available at a time…
• You will increase your popularity
• You will INDIRECTLY help the world by helping technology to develop

Yes, you simply CANNOT go wrong when you learn the piano via Skype!

So with all these reasons, you now have no excuse but to start your Skype piano lessons immediately.

Remember, you will need a good quality webcam as well as good audio.

It is recommended to have very fast broadband because of the faster your broadband, the better the quality.

However, even in countries where quality is not so good, lessons can be provided via audio alone.

Now, this may seem crazy, but remember, we have some of the best piano instructors for adults in the world.

Therefore, our instructors can easily hear if you’re playing the right or wrong note and they do not necessarily need to see the keys to be able to hear what you’re doing.

Even telephonic piano lessons can be arranged if you do not have any access to the internet.

So there is really no reason why you cannot benefit from outstanding piano lessons and learn piano from a distance via the telephone, via Skype, via Facetime, via Google Hangout, or via another video conference facility.

So make sure that you select us for world-class piano instruction right out of the convenience of your private residence, piano practice room or even office!

Reason #10 – The concept of compound interest and why Skype can give you the best possible return on your time and piano playing!

Compound interest the 8th wonder of the world

Albert Einstein said that “Compound interests is the eighth wonder of the world!”

Compound interest is an amazing tool.

It means that you benefit, from a benefit, from a benefit, from a benefit.

Skype piano lessons as we have seen before saves you time, saves you money!

It saves you on the quality of the lessons itself.

It saves you on so many aspects including your own available practice time.

If we combine all these facts together, we realise that you can learn so much faster when you learn via Skype.

You can get much bigger return learning via Skype and we would go as far as saying that Skype is definitely a far superior way of learning than traditional piano lessons.

Traditional piano lessons have been the method for centuries.

However, if we go back to the time of Mozart, we realise that long-distance lessons were the way that people learned.

They would write to each other in letters about certain musical concepts.

In the modern age, everyone wants to have someone in person and Skype does offer in-person, but via distance, which gives you the advantage of learning with the best-qualified piano instructor.

So if you take all of these points into consideration, you realise that Skype piano lessons give you tremendous power over traditional piano lessons and it will help you to go forward so much faster if you take a deep look at each and every one of these arguments!

Therefore, learning the piano via Skype is one of the most intelligent things that you can do for your piano playing!

As an adult, you are very busy and you do not have a lot of time.

Skype saves you a lot of time; Skype makes your life easier.

You do not need to travel.

You’re already so busy with lots of travelling so you do not want to have to travel to your piano lessons as well.

Simply turn on your computer and your instructor is right there waiting for you to help you become the best that you can be.

In our opinion, nothing beats the quality of one-to-one or group Skype piano instruction.

At the London Piano Institute, you can now study the piano via Skype from absolutely anywhere in the world with our master and assistant piano instructors.

You have a choice between studying with Celine Gaurier-Joubert, or with one of her terrific assistant piano instructors.

Do not let the word “assistant instructor” deceive you.

All of our instructors are top-notch and you simply will not find other piano instructors with the same quality very easily.

That is why we can confidently say that we offer the best Skype piano lessons for adults in the world and you can be assured of learning with the best people, and you can be assured of developing your skills quickly and developing your skills right from the word “go.”

You no longer have to waste time going to a piano lesson or waste the time that you have to wait for another student to finish.

You don’t have to worry about any of those frustrations!

In a Skype piano lesson, it’s a lot easier to be able to become better at playing the piano than it is in a standard traditional piano lesson.

This is due to the fact that your instructor will be more dedicated to you, than in a traditional piano lesson.

In a traditional piano lesson, as we’ve seen earlier in the article, there’s a lot of “chit-chat”, which is just a normal scientific behaviour between a student and teacher.

It’s not that either party isn’t serious, it’s just normal to enjoy an occasional conversation together.

In a standard Skype piano lesson, due to the psychology behind the video system, one will not easily do that as there is a certain psychological element that makes both parties more serious during a Skype lesson.

So in all and all, you get so much more out of a Skype piano lesson, than you get out of a traditional piano lesson.

So if you can save on your time, if you can compound your interest and get a return on the return of the return, that is when you are going to make a tremendous amount of progress and that is when your piano playing is going to LITERALLY explode!

At the end of the day, the only reason why you want to learn how to play the piano with an instructor is to seriously improve your piano skills!

That is exactly what you will achieve during your Skype piano lessons.

You will play the piano, you will get to your favourite past time activity and you will get to do it so much better than any traditional piano lesson due to all the facts that have been mentioned in this article.

So make sure you contact us today for your Skype piano lessons and make sure you get in touch with us to arrange your first appointment.

We have students from all over the world. We’ve got students from the United States of America, students from China, students from Japan, students from Dubai, students from the UAE, students from London because a lot of our own students would rather study via Skype due to the serious nature of learning via Skype and due to all the points mentioned earlier in the article.

(Including the scientific study that learning via video saves a lot of time and makes learning a lot more serious)

That is why we suggest learning via Skype, in order for you to become the best that you can become within a short period of time.

Remember at the end of the day, it is your piano life and it’s your piano playing that matters.

Do not settle for anything else but the best!

A lot of piano teachers just teach for a fee, but at the London Piano Institute, we teach to make you a great pianist (even if you play for pleasure) and we always remind you that you have UNLIMITED potential within!

In addition to your Skype piano lessons, you will also be invited to our annual music conference seminar which is only open to participants who study at the London Piano Institute.

We do not open this seminar to people from the outside.

You cannot come to the seminar if you’re not a student.

Our annual piano seminar takes place in exotic locations across the world and so far, we’ve had seminars in South Africa, as well as in Italy, as well as in London.

And we plan to extend the seminars to go across the globe from continent-to-continent. We even thought of having a seminar in Sweden at the Ice Hotel!

We even thought of having a piano seminar in Sweden at the Ice Hotel!

We even have different themes for each seminar.

What’s more, you can fly to London and participate in our student concerts or even participate in our student concerts via Skype.

We offer you the opportunity to become part of something that is amazing;  part of a place where you don’t only learn how to play the piano, but where you also join an “exclusive club of amateur pianists” who genuinely care for each other and who love learning the piano in a club-like atmosphere.

The London Piano Institute is the only facility in the world who offers such a wide range of activities in a formidable setting to adults who want to excel at playing the piano!

So if you consider all the reasons that we’ve mentioned in this article, you have no excuse but to start with your Skype piano lessons immediately because as we have shown to you, there is nothing better than Skype piano lessons.

Skype piano lessons are the best type of piano lessons that you can sign up for.

Skype piano lessons will make your dreams of playing the piano come true.

Skype piano lessons will take you to the top.

» We look forward to meeting you online to help you become the pianist you’ve always wanted to become!

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