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How can Zoom piano lessons change your life?


I am writing this article straight after spending an hour working on Rachmaninov variations on a Paganini theme with Kammy. She lives in Taiwan, and I live in Dubai. We met in London 10 years ago. Kammy was studying accounting, and I was teaching at The London Piano Institute. She was still a beginner, and she is now a proficient amateur pianist. When she moved back to Taiwan 6 years ago, she decided to continue her piano lessons with me online instead of looking for a local piano teacher. We started with Skype but switched to Zoom a few months ago [...]

How can Zoom piano lessons change your life?2021-09-17T21:17:24+01:00

What equipment do I need to take Skype piano lessons?


Find out what equipment you need for your Skype lessons with The London Piano Institute The basic requirements At the most basic level, you do not need much to start your Skype piano lessons. You need to have an internet connection and a tablet, smartphone or laptop/computer with a webcam. Most laptops have a built-in webcam that you can use. So in essence, you really do not need much and you can get started with your Skype lessons right away! More sophisticated equipment At The London Piano Institute, we can work with you even if you learn with us via a [...]

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