December 25, 2021

About the Author: Sonja Joubert

Sonja Joubert is a master pianist classically trained by the late master Mr Josias Van Der Merwe and the late Adolph Hallis. She is also an excellent piano teacher with over 35 years of teaching experience, specialising in jazz and classical piano.


I have just finished a lesson with a “new” student to piano training and was actually quite surprised at her enjoyment of the online zoom piano lessons and the way she sees it!

This is not the first student commenting on the convenience of zoom lessons as well as on the great opportunity it creates to fulfil a heart’s desire for them and many people all over the planet!

As a piano teacher, my first reaction was not that positive towards zoom piano teaching, seeing that one is used to the face to face in person scenario.

After teaching piano via zoom and skype for the last few years, I absolutely do appreciate and advertise the significant advantages and privileges of teaching or learning via these online video conferencing platforms.

Man learning piano via iPad

Showing or correcting the student via zoom? Can it work?

One may argue that the possibility of physically showing or correcting the student is very important, but I do not find that really such a problem at all.

I have found that it brings out better explaining and understanding of why and how things are done.

For example, when training about the hand position or technique needed in certain passages.

The student tends to get a better overall understanding of how the hand or arm has to move because as from the teacher’s side, it will be explained much more vividly or verbally and in precise detail.

Of course, it helps the student to see the teacher show the action or hand position, but no physical touch is actually needed.

Sometimes there is that moment that you wish you could just reach out and correct the hand or posture, but in teaching online one actually does the same through careful, exact verbal explaining and with visual showing what is required.

The actual wrong posture or hand position can be corrected with the student grasping the problem and correcting it.

In the in-person lesson, this actual understanding of a problem and its resolve often falls by the wayside.

I have found that training becomes much more specific and, in a sense, detailed for both parties.

I have found that training becomes much more specific and in a sense detailed so that both parties, being the teacher and the student, know exactly what they are working on, for example, the exact bar or chord being worked on.

I find it amazing to see how much more detailed time one spends on each bar or phrase, which leads overall to a much better grasping and learning of a specific score.

Things become much clearer, and even though it might feel as though learning or teaching a specific piece takes longer, it actually becomes learnt more accurately.

In this way, the music is learnt much faster as there are fewer wrongly learnt notes or fingering to be corrected, which usually has to be painstakingly re-learned.

Lady astonished and amazed

There is the aspect of music reading and sharing of scores, videos and music sheets between student and teacher, which is quite amazing!

Many students get inspired by music and video tutorials via Google and YouTube videos.

WhatsApp plays a vital role in communication nowadays. It allows students to contact their teacher for guidance outside of their regular lesson time (although this should not be misused.)

Still, it is often needed for the student to practice their work.

It sometimes extends the lesson, and the student has the opportunity to grow faster in their mission.


Online zoom piano lessons have the great advantage of being taught in your own home and even when travelling!

Having online zoom piano lessons has the great advantage of being taught in your own home or wherever you may be travelling.

All you need is access to an instrument plus a smartphone or your laptop and, of course, a good internet connection.

The great plus is that no driving is needed, no grabbing of music sheets or rushing to be on time.

No stress in getting there on time, or having to dress well “enough” or impressing others etc.

Lessons can be on your own instrument, in your own room or living room.

Some students even have a quick bite before a lesson and attend the lesson with a coffee or a tea if they so desire.

It makes lessons much more relaxed and nearly personal.

I have found that lessons can be much more pleasurable and accurate.

It is important though not to rush or stress but just study bit by bit and not try to do everything in one lesson.

As they say:”Rome wasn’t built in one day!” – the same with learning to play and enjoy piano playing!”

Online zoom music lessons create the possibility of learning multiple instruments with excellent teachers all over the world!

In the present day and age, having the possibility of doing online lessons has become very important with the present restrictions of movement set in place caused by for instance covid.

Zoom lessons have brought us the privilege of being able to learn to play an instrument in the privacy of your own home.

In the past, one had to enrol or find a music teacher in your area of living, while with online lessons, you can have lessons anywhere over the planet!

It also brings students to the place where they can not only learn one instrument but actually as many as they wish, seeing that there is no issue concerning driving or having to find a teacher in your living area.

One of my students is actually learning four different instruments via zoom, which physically would not have been possible, having to travel and find a teacher.

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Online Zoom Piano Lessons has become a lifeline of hope, purpose and friendship for many!

Do online zoom or skype piano lessons really work?

Well absolutely!

I have trained students who have never played before, and within a concise time they have started to play some of the songs they really wanted to learn for years.

I am genuinely excited to see how students, who simply consistently do their every week short zoom piano lesson, without much practise, just slowly but surely develop and enjoy their playing.

It brings them, as well as the teacher, great joy.

Lessons fulfil many facets of the student’s wants or needs.

Many times it becomes a time of hard work, or studying, sometimes relaxing and sometimes it can even become a short social catch up around music, depending on the needs of the student.

Zoom lessons have often become like a friendly visit around playing the piano! With others – a friendly conquest of a mountain, bringing great pleasure and purpose.

So, in conclusion: Yes, Online Zoom Piano Lessons do really work! Absolutely yes! Do not wait! Start your lessons today!

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