September 28, 2021

About the Author: Celine Gaurier-Joubert

Founder of The London Piano Institute, Celine Gaurier-Joubert is a concert pianist and one of the world’s leading experts on piano education for adults.

Various providers have suddenly emerged on the internet as a result of the recent amazing development of new technology and the realisation that it is now possible to take high quality piano lessons online.

It is amazing to see the world coming together more and more and to see relationships being formed all over the world. Some online platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and GoMeeting, have done an outstanding job, and we can only thank them for their efforts.

Piano enthusiasts can now find excellent piano teachers wherever they are in the world, and the best piano instruction is no longer limited to those who live in the largest cities. Top-notch piano lessons are now available to everyone!

It is a fantastic advancement that we should celebrate; however, there is a drawback to this wonderful news.

The pandemic and various lockdowns have encouraged great piano teachers to teach online in addition to in-person lessons, but it has also attracted some inexperienced or lazy piano teachers.

man playing piano at home

Prior to COVID-19, people used to commute and meet in person for work or pleasure. We used to go to the movies, to the supermarket, and, of course, to piano lessons at a piano school or a private piano teacher’s studio. People were happy with their daily routines and went to work every morning. We now use Netflix to watch movies, order groceries online, and even work from home.

I have noticed that some people have, regrettably, squandered this opportunity.

As I previously stated, excellent piano teachers and reputable piano schools have purchased the necessary equipment and created the necessary materials to add online teaching to their course offerings. Unfortunately, some less trustworthy people have seen an opportunity to make money easily from their bedroom and have taken advantage of it. It’s incredible not to have to exert any effort in order to see your bank account grow!

Prior to the internet craze, piano teachers had to either make the effort to set up their own piano studio in a convenient location for their students or be recruited to offer their services by a piano school. Nowadays, almost anyone can create a website, purchase a keyboard, a computer, and a webcam, and begin teaching online! Without even mentioning those who claim to provide online piano lessons without ever meeting their students. Anyone can create a brief piano course, film a few videos, and sell them online.

man teaching piano online

I think the new technology is fantastic, and I can only praise it for the amazing opportunities it provides. However, when it comes to learning how to play the piano, you should proceed with caution. Make certain that you are studying with a qualified piano teacher or a reputable piano school.

My Advice to Future Online Piano Students is as Follows:

If you decide to take online piano lessons, you must be more cautious than ever before in selecting your piano teachers. Please don’t misunderstand me. Learning to play the piano online is fantastic. Nothing is wrong with that. Just make sure you’re studying with the right person.

Do your homework before enrolling in piano lessons or a piano course. Check that the piano teacher you’ve chosen has excellent credentials and a spotless reputation. Also, make sure they are well-equipped and have an excellent internet connection, as it would be extremely inconvenient to spend 34% of the lesson dealing with connection issues. Before committing, request their CVs and schedule a trial lesson to ensure that the teaching quality is satisfactory.

You can also take online piano lessons from a reputable piano school. It is most likely the safer option in order to avoid any problems or disappointments.

online piano lesson

I am not biased; I simply know, as a pianist, that choosing a piano teacher can be difficult, and even more difficult, making a decision over your computer. Choosing the wrong piano teacher can be disastrous, as you may develop bad habits, make little or no progress, and eventually abandon your piano studies.

You might think I am exaggerating, but I’m not. I have seen so many ads lately about learning to play the piano in a few days or incredibly poor piano lessons on YouTube or other platforms that I’d like to save you from making a mistake. If you want to be successful at piano, you must learn it correctly and under the supervision of an excellent piano teacher. There are no shortcuts or tricks that can help you become a proficient pianist unless you put in the necessary time. Piano playing is not something that can be learned in a single day.

What is Everything Go Well?

I’ve been warning you about choosing the wrong piano teacher, but what if you find a great one who is available online for you? It has the potential to change your life!

Do you realise that you can now choose your piano teacher based on his teaching abilities rather than his location?

woman practising the piano

When I was a student, online education was not an option. My parents lived in the countryside, so I had to take the train to Paris to attend my piano lessons. Later, I had to travel from Paris to Switzerland to seek the advice of a master. The world has changed. I have wonderful memories of these journeys, but it would have been far more convenient if my piano teacher had logged into Zoom. I could have saved myself hours! It would have been far preferable to be able to warm-up before my lessons rather than spending this time on public transportation and arriving at my lessons with unprepared fingers. It was especially difficult in the winter, when it was so cold that I couldn’t move my fingers. They were occasionally frozen!

To summarise: there are some fantastic piano teachers out there, and I can only recommend that you study the piano online. It provides a lot more options than we used to have, but do your research first!

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