September 14, 2021

About the Author: Celine Gaurier-Joubert

Founder of The London Piano Institute, Celine Gaurier-Joubert is a concert pianist and one of the world’s leading experts on piano education for adults.

September 2021 – The second year of an apocalyptic pandemic is coming to an end, and we may soon be entering what has been dubbed “the new normal.” I’m not sure what they mean by that, but I am well aware that people’s relationships with their laptops and perceptions of the online world have undoubtedly changed.

Zoom and the idea of virtual meetings have been around for a while. We began shopping online a few years ago, internet banking has become a part of our daily lives, and Netflix has taken over movie theaters. However, the use of the internet to learn a new skill has only grown as a result of the inability to meet in person and the need for people to improve themselves rather than waiting to be allowed to leave again.

These two years have been dreadful for a variety of reasons, but as there is always something positive to be found in every negative situation, we should thank the pandemic for opening people’s eyes to online learning. Zoom, which was not considered a solution until early 2020, has become the best friend of those who are eager to learn or communicate regardless of the circumstances.

man playing the piano

The pandemic has forced us to reconsider our beliefs and has significantly increased the use of online platforms. The majority of people were not interested in learning about E-learning. They’ve finally realized that it’s a lifesaver for the majority of us!

Let’s get back to the point: I’m writing an article about Zoom piano lessons.

So far, I’ve only talked about consumers; I haven’t mentioned providers. COVID-19 has also marked a watershed moment in their careers. “How do pianists make a living?” you might wonder. I’m sure you already know the answer: They strike a balance between teaching and performing. Some spend 80% of their time teaching and 20% of their time performing. Others devote 20% of their time to teaching and 80% to performing.

Now consider this: “How can they teach or perform if they are instructed to stay at home and not meet anyone?” Again, the answer is simple: they can’t. So, how do they make a living? Unless they have the bright idea to log in to Zoom and provide piano lessons from their home studio, they will have to dip into their savings.

grand piano in white room

The situation appeared to be disastrous, but was it not a blessing in disguise for both piano teachers and piano students? Didn’t it open up a world of limitless possibilities?

Some piano students believe that it is acceptable to study with any piano teacher because they “only play for pleasure and do not need to take lessons with a brilliant pianist.” That does not hold water with me. I’m quoting several adults who are either thinking about starting piano lessons or who have left an excellent teacher to resume piano lessons with a mediocre tutor because the location was more “convenient.”

This article is not for people who choose their piano teacher on the spot, but rather for those who want quality.

Amazing people and piano teachers can be found all over the world, but they tend to congregate in the largest cities. Some would undoubtedly prefer a quiet lifestyle in the countryside that is more conducive to improving music understanding and sensibility, but they must, unfortunately, live in big cities to take advantage of more opportunities.

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Because the best music universities and concert halls are rarely found in small towns, all pianists who wish to succeed in the music industry must relocate to New York, Paris, or London. As a result, a metropolis is much more likely to have a highly qualified and experienced piano teacher.

If you live in a remote area and read this article, you might think, “It all makes sense, but I live in a small town where I’m unlikely to meet one of these brilliant pianists.”

Please read my article again if you are still thinking this way. The point I’m trying to make is that, thanks to Zoom and other online platforms, you don’t have to be physically close to a great piano teacher to benefit from his sound advice.

Many of the world’s best piano teachers have undoubtedly resumed their teaching activities in person, but they are also now available via Zoom! You can now gain access to their extraordinary knowledge no matter where you live on the planet. Isn’t it incredible to live in Yorshire and study with a fantastic pianist who has recently graduated from The Royal Music Academy and settled in Central London?

woman in pink dress playing the piano

When I consider all of the people who have died as a result of this devastating virus, it makes me feel bad to say that the pandemic has created more opportunities. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve also had two difficult years, and I’m not praising COVID-19 or the lockdowns. It has undoubtedly been disastrous for the majority of us, but I am trying to see the bright side and recognize that piano students now have far more options than they did two years ago.

The good news is that you can open your mind and browse the internet. You can now look for the best piano teachers in any location on the planet. Because online teaching is the new trend, most pianists would be delighted to take you on, even if they do not explicitly state so on their website. Several piano schools have also jumped in and are now offering online piano lessons.

Start exploring because the world is your oyster. Don’t pass up this fantastic new opportunity that has been presented to you. Begin this exciting new piano journey with a smile on your face. I can assure you that it is well worth it!

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