October 12, 2020

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert is the manager of Online Piano Institute and The London Piano Institute. He is passionate about world-class piano education and learning via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Learning anything these days, be it a skill or just to get information on a particular topic, the first instinct for most of us is to search for it online.

From painting to beauty to technical software development courses, the internet has vast knowledge and resources available at our fingertips.

Whether you are exploring new ideas or enriching existing knowledge, our first stop is to Google for it online.

Music is no exception.

You can learn to play instruments like the piano, guitar, drums, flute online from the comfort of your home, without having to go physically to a teacher.

Learning the piano online is gaining a lot of popularity lately.

This is not only true for children but for adults as well.

Adults who have not had the chance to engage in piano lessons during their lifetime are looking online to learn how to play the piano.

After all, it is never too late to start.

Also, besides being able to play your favourite song, there are a lot of benefits to learning how to play an instrument.

It increases the brain’s capacity for memory and improves cognitive skills.

These are some of the reasons that are motivating adults to check online for piano lessons.

The number of online piano courses available is changing the traditional way of learning.

Music enthusiasts may be a bit apprehensive of this new way of learning and often wonder whether this practice is good or bad as compared to learning the piano the classical way.

However, finding the correct course with the right teachers and instructors is instrumental in ensuring a pleasing experience in your music journey.

You can be guaranteed of a top-quality lesson from the comfort of your home with The Online Piano Institute.

We are associated with The London Piano Institute and offer top quality online piano lessons.

When partnering with us, you can decide and dictate your own pace and level for learning to play the piano with one of our outstanding piano teachers!

Whether you are learning for fun or are planning to take it up seriously, we provide facilities to ensure that you maximise learning.

At the Online Piano Institute, we take pride in the instructors that we recruit.

You can get access to a pool of qualified instructors who have been carefully selected to provide exceptional lessons.

They are experts in the field, who can help you learn how to play the piano and give tips and advice on making you better players.

They have the qualifications, training and skills to provide exceptional piano instructions at all levels.

What’s more, they also specialise in adult piano education and will take excellent care of your learning!

You can connect with these wonderful piano teachers from the comfort of your home and can learn at any time of the day and at any place you want, as long as you have a computer/ instrument available and have access to the internet.

You have the flexibility to learn when you want, where you want and how you want with the help of experienced piano teachers.

Through our online platform, you can get access to a huge variety of songs, styles, techniques and genres.

You can select from the different styles to see which one piques your interest.

You can also learn a combination of styles.

Having the ability to play a number of different piano styles can make you a better overall piano player.

The different styles that are on offer include:

  • Classical: Classical style has had its beginnings in the 1750s. The likes of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven have paved the way for classical piano composition. Most music has stemmed from the classical style and it is what students’ study first because it gives them a strong technique and knowledge of music theory.
  • Jazz: Some of the famous piano players like Joplin, Morton and Waller have paved the way for jazz piano. It incorporates swing, improvisation, boogie-woogie and ragtime to create rhythmic patterns and entrancing melodies.
  • Pop: Piano has been incorporated into many pop songs since the 1950s. Through the piano pop style, you can explore new sounds and you can have the ability to sing and play at the same time. Some famous pop piano players include Elton John and Billy Joel.
  • Rock: Rock music has also incorporated the piano just like Pop music. It is a very rewarding style as it is not a very easy style to master.
  • Blues: The ‘Father of the Blues’ WC Handy was an excellent musician who wrote a lot of early up-tempo Blues songs. This style of piano was born in the first year of the 20th century. A pianist who has mastered the Blues can conjure emotions as deep as Bach or Chopin.

Whatever style of piano appeals to you, our dedicated and experienced teachers can guide you through the best course of learning to suit your desires.

At the Online Piano Institute, we cater to individuals at all levels of piano ability and skill.

Whether you are a beginner who wants to step into the world of music or are an experienced player who wants to brush up on your skills, our wide range of courses and instructors can provide you with the skills you need to excel in playing the piano and reaching your goals.

You can choose from basic, intermediate or advance level according to your will and expertise.

Our basic piano lessons are designed to teach you from the beginning, so you don’t need to have a background in music or piano instruments. (No prior experience is ever required)

We continually strive to make sure that our piano lessons implement the latest trends and teaching methodology.

Our resources are continually updated to ensure excellence in musical instruction.

We provide lots of resources in the forms of lessons, tutorials and articles according to different levels to cater to all learners.

Our teachers are selected so that they are able to bring out the best musical potential in our students.

We have students from all over the world, who are accessing our musical lessons and trust us in providing them with the best musical instruction to make their dreams of playing the piano a reality.

Through our online lessons, our students can relate to the following.

“One of my biggest thrills is to sit down on a piano and out of nowhere make a song happen.”

Ready to start your journey online?

– Take a look at the various courses we offer online.

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